Baby Tears | Soleirolia
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General Information

Soleirolia soleirolii has a number of common names, including baby's tearsangel's tearsbits and piecesbread and cheeseCorsican creeperCorsican cursefriendship plantmind-your-own-businessmother of thousandsPaddy's wig, and pollyanna vine. It has also been called Irish moss; however, it is not a moss, nor should it be confused with Sagina subulata or Chondrus crispus (an alga), which are also known as "Irish moss".


Plant Size

Height: 21cm (including pot height 10cm)

Pot diameter: 10cm


Pot Type

Plant is sold in basic plastic pot with drainage holes as shown in the picture.


  •  The product photo shown is for reference only. Each plant is unique, thus, the actual plant colour, size, and arrangement may differ slightly from the photo. 
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